Roland Martin talks with Debra Pernell-Simmons, the vice president of the National Action Network about being tasered by police during a rally in Natchez, Mississippi.

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2 thoughts on “I was Tasered from the Buttocks to the Crotch to My Thighs to My Legs- DEBRA SIMMONS

  1. Dennis McKinney on said:

    Regarding the young lady that was Tasered, she should seek a Law Suit as well as the firing of those police offices who were involved in her wrongful attack. Rev. Al Sharpton is a good source to have handling your case.
    Thank you !

  2. Dennis McKinney on said:

    Hi Tom, I enjoyed your show this morning, I am writing one of my Media Diary Assignments for my college’s Radio & T.V. Survey Class about your show, Janet Gee and others. I have been trying to reach you for an interview via phone or in person. Please let me know.
    Thanks !
    DJ Weiner/ Man

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