The Howard Theater, in Washington D.C., welcomed Chrisette Michele with roaring applause. Michele began her special 30-minute “InterludesLIVE” set with her 2009 hit “Epiphany (I’m Leaving).” Stripped down to just two acoustic guitarist and her background singer, Ashley, Michele carried the performance with just her well-trained vocals.

Like a songbird, her first notes are effortless as they flow from her mouth and enter the packed auditorium with control. Michele, who traded in her long locks for a more fashionably daring look–a natural short blonde cut that accentuates her girly facial features– smiled at the adoring audience and soaked up their energy and reciprocate the vibes though song.

Watch Chrisette’s live performance of “Epiphany” and feel the angelic poise of her voice! For more of Chrisette’s music, purchase her album “Better” June 11th on iTunes!

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