Who let the dog out?

That’s what Deion Sanders probably asked himself after his pooch went missing nearly nine months ago.

Sanders’ German shepherd, which he tweeted is worth $15,000 (yes, you read that figure correctly), was returned to him recently by a kind samaritan.


The football legend and journeyman, known to many by his nickname “Primetime,” played for a number of teams over the course of his illustrious career, and contributed mightily to all of them.

As one of the fastest athletes in NFL history, Sanders dominated the backfield with cat-like quickness and agility. His supreme athleticism even carried over to the Major Leagues, where he proved his worth as an outfielder.

Although Sanders raised the bar for flamboyance and showmanship in a league generally perceived as hyper masculine (NFL), he also blanketed receivers with top notch defensive coverage, and altered entire offensive schemes.

The eight-time pro bowler, and former defensive back, holds all-time records for interceptions and defensive touchdown returns. He is also a two-time Superbowl winner.

Despite his past success at the highest level of professional sports, Mr. Sanders is still just a man who went nearly a year without his best friend, a 139 pound German Shepard named Yasko. Yasko is reportedly a trained and certified security dog, which Sanders mentioned in a tweet regarding the dog’s high value: “My dog is full bred GERMAN shepherd highly trained protection dog that will attack if my kids & family r in danger. That’s why he’s expensive.”

While Sanders did not elaborate in the tweets on how the dog went missing or who possibly took Yasko, Examiner.com reported the dog was taken from Sanders’ own backyard around the time of his messy divorce with ex-wife Pilar Biggers (damn, y’all think she snatched his dog?). Given the dog’s security training, one can guess ol’ Yasko wouldn’t go to just anybody. The Examiner cited “a source with the Sanders camp” as saying the dog “would only go with someone he knew.”

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his disappearance, it seems both Sanders and Yasko are happy to be reunited. Sanders tweeted that he almost cried when he saw him again. Hmm, I wonder how many tears he’ll shed once the divorce settlement kicks in. Just a thought.

(Photos: Twitter/Retna)

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