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Singer Miguel just can’t seem to put the infamous Billboard Music Awards kick behind him.

According to various reports, the woman, Khyati Shah, who experienced the grunt of Miguel’s stage dive is considering a suit against the R&B crooner.

Initially, the woman who was interviewed backstage with Miguel after the incident, seemed to happy with just meeting the singer.

However, it now looks like she will be pursuing a suit.

Vip Bhola, the attorney for Shah, says they will determine if there will be a suit based on Shah’s medical results.

Bhola has not contacted Miguel’s legal team yet.

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3 thoughts on “Miguel May Be Sued For ‘Kicking’ at Billboard Music Awards

  1. dtown on said:

    You had to figure this would happen. At least the discussion or thought of a law suit. He should have took care of her to prevent this. He shouldn’t have attempted this stunt in the first place. I’m sure a lawyer or someone got to her and told her to do a lawsuit

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