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You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. Cheerios released a cute commercial on their YouTube channel with an interracial couple and their biracial daughter. There’s not many ads out there that come to mind that feature a full interracial family (I’m not talking about just biracial people, but an actual nuclear family), so this is somewhat of a milestone.

But what happened? Major backlash against the commercial. So much so, in fact, that General Mills had to disable their comments. Turns out we’re (American people) are not as progressive about race as we think.

Buzzfeed captured some of the comments from the channel.

“It is not hatred to love your own people. Cultural Marxist views are threatening to destroy ALL distinct peoples through forced assimilation and miscegenation.”

“Throughout all of human history, race-mixing and multiracial/multicultural societies have never, not even once, occurred ‘naturally’. It has always been the result of conquest, group A being forced by group B. The systematic decline of western economies has lead to lower white birth rates. Massive non-white immigration leads to loss of land, resources and opportunities for whites. Encouraging whites to race-mix leads to loss of white genetics. It’s not about one Cheerios commercial.”

What do you think of the commercial, and when do you think interracial dating will truly be accepted, if at all?

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