As we do this time every year, we celebrate Black Music Month with special articles, photo galleries, listening parties and more. This year, we’re adding a fun twist – we’re including you in the process as we determine the “Best Of” in several categories – Best Male R&B Artist of All Time, Best Female R&B Artist of All Time, Best R&B Album of All Time and Best R&B Love Song of all Time. We’ll be looking for your votes to help us decide and also your tweets @TJMShow  and on Facebook.

Up first – who is the top choice of them all for Favorite All Time Male R&B Artist? All of these gentleman are stellar vocalists known for their smooth sounds, chart domination, musicianship and impact on the cultural and musical scene. But here’s your chance to put one above the rest. Who do you think deserves the title? And why? Choose from our nominees and come back to see the results on Friday! We’ll take your votes, combine them with expert feedback and statistics and come up with a winner in each category. So if you have a favorite, let us know. Drum roll please! Here are the nominees for greatest Male R&B Artist of All Time…..

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23 thoughts on “Who Is The #1 Best Male R&B Artist Of All Time? We Want Your Vote!

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  4. Carmen on said:

    All of these singers had great hits and made wonderful music but vocally hands down is Donny Hathaway. Again I said vocally. He may not have had all of the commercial success as the rest but no one is touching his voice.

  5. Bubba on said:

    @Kay: “The Needs of the MANY outweigh the needs of the few,” in words to say, your choice is wholly based on a personal choice NEGATES your choice, because JAMES BROWN is NATIONAL APPEAL, by his Anthem, “Say It Loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud”, positively affected & benefited the MANY. “It’s a man’s world” Kay “I got Soul & I’m BAD”

  6. Bubba on said:

    There are TWO (2) BEST MALE R & B’s for the NUMBER ONE slot; JAMES BROWN & CURTIS MAYFIELD; their music has withstood the TEST-OF-TIME; they were not just known for ONE hit.

    • I have to respectfully disagree. Al Green would trump both of them. That being said, It’s way too hard to pick. We have so many great R & B greats, every time I think of one, I can think of a dozen more. Ain’t it wonderful?

      • Bubba on said:

        @Kay: Black History differs with you by virtue of the Historical & Empirical fact that JAMES BROWN’s “Say It Loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud” qualified & enabled JB to EXCLUSIVELY EARN all rights to be the NUMBER ONE MALE R & B Artist, because his Anthem served as a MAJOR CONTRIBUTION to Black People recognizing & accepting ourselves as Black, instead of as negroes & colored people.

      • James Brown’s Say It Loud. I’m Black & I’m Proud may have single handedly changed the way the black race viewed themselves, but Al Green’s Simply Beautiful made my lady parts warm up every time I heard it. So in my book, AG EXCLUSIVELY EARNED the right to be at the top of the heap of the best r & b singers ever. Sorry Godfather.

    • There are so many ridiculously talented artist it’s hard to navigate the list. But you are so right. Teddy belongs on that list.

    • Ahh man! Did you have to do that to me? Can we reach a compromise and at least just not say “hands down”? I can’t do without either one. Come on Boo, work with me.

  7. Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops. When he sings “Bernadette” Even today, when you listen to “Bernadette”, I swear, you can feel that man singing that song.

  8. marshall on said:

    #1 Curtis Mayfield; #2 James Brown; #3 Smokey Robinson; #4 Bobby “Blue” Bland; #5 old Prince; #6 David Ruffin; #7 Jackie Wilson

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