Kym Whitley is most widely known for her roles in various movies and tv shows that offer her raw comedic stylings. However, Kym now stars in a new reality series on OWN, “Raising Whitley,” Kym’s being recognized as an instant mother. Instant mother? What is that, you ask? Allow me to break it down.

Kym took special interest in a troubled young girl and ended up mentoring her for fifteen years. Kym knew the young woman was with child, but didn’t realize she was about to receive a gift herself. Once the woman delivered her beautiful baby boy, Kym got a phone call that would indeed change the course of her life. She was told, “Your baby is ready.” Kym’s young mentee had given birth and left the hospital with Kym’s contact information.

Kym was faced with one of the biggest decisions of her life. She chose to face the responsibility and become a mother. Kym’s tumultuous journey has become the meat of her new reality show and we can watch her and her chaotic collective of friends, who she calls “The Village” raise the adorable Joshua.

Throughout the season, Kym learns the harsh realities of becoming a full-time mom: She realizes that, while Craigslist may be perfect for finding an old couch, it’s not ideal for finding a new nanny, she survives Joshua’s first haircut, she gets her groove back on a manhunt with her girlfriends and she discovers that being “just friends” with Joshua’s “daddy” may not be that simple.

Watch “Raising Whitley” Every Saturday at 9pm on OWN!

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