A woman who claims she left a Rihanna concert with a case of herpes is suing M.A.C. Cosmetics Inc., claiming she got the virus from a lipstick sample she applied after being approached by a M.A.C. rep.

Starkeema Greenidge claims she was at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn when the rep approached her to apply the RiRi Woo, red lipstick — endorsed by Rihanna — to her upper lip, then, told her to press her lips together and spread it around.

The suit claims the lipstick had been previously applied to the lips of others at the concert, and that someone who had tried it previously had the herpes virus.

Greenidge told TMZ the day after the concert, “My whole lip was irritated and hugely swollen.” Greenidge says she went to a doctor and he told her she had herpes.

The suit accuses M.A.C. of shoddy business practices — applying lipstick directly from the tube instead of using either disposable samples or individual swabs.

Greenidge is suing for unspecified damages.

(Photo: Instagram)

4 thoughts on “Woman Claims M.A.C. Gave Her Herpes at Rihanna Concert

  1. Sexy Leroy on said:

    That ho lyin’… if more people come forward with the same story I MIGHT believe it. First, she would have to prove that she did not have herpes (with her nastyass) previously! Then she would have to prove that she contracted the virus from the lipstick! Good luck with that!

  2. Applying lipstick at a concert from which you know random people has tried is just plain old nasty. Who does that?!?!?

  3. Tami on said:

    She just let any ol’ Joe come up to her and apply something on her lips and now she wants to blame someone else.

    Incorporate common sense into your daily living.

  4. If the lipstick had been previously tried by other concertgoers, why did she spread it on her soup coolers? Hope she has to wind up paying court costs in addition to not getting a penny – just for pulling that crackhead move.

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