Beyonce reportedly took issue with fashion retailer H&M over several photos from her 2013 summer collection ads that the company had initially airbrushed to make her look slimmer.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Bey clashed with company executives after realizing they wanted to use the doctored photographs. H&M eventually backed down and agreed to use only natural shots of the star.

A source tells the publication, “When Beyonce found out they had edited the way her body really looked, she hit the roof. She’s a true diva and was furious that she had been given such a snubbing. Her people refused to give the pictures the green light so H&M were forced to use the originals.”

A spokesman for the High Street chain says, “As with all campaigns there are discussions on which images should be used. Both H&M and Beyonce are very happy with the final result.”

4 thoughts on “Beyonce Clashed With H&M Over Airbrushed Photos (Report)

  1. From the limited info above, I can appreciate that she stopped them from trying to make her look slimmer and forcing them to show her “natural” look/real body. Magazine photos are always distorting how women really look and now our girls have body esteem issues. Now if she could just keep them from making her skin look so light.

  2. Bouncy may have clashed with them about which photos to use because the ones they chose were not flattering, but you will never see a natural photo of anyone in a fashion photo shoot.

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