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Risk Telling Your Age. While you may be getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of your 21st birthday for the tenth time, being honest with your age in regard to certain health risks is crucial. After 30 we naturally begin to lose bone mass, and while some bone is lost each year, the rate of bone loss increases dramatically in the five to 10 years after menopause. So tell the bartender your real age and start taking preventive steps now.

Bear The Weight. Speaking of prevention, the number one way to keep bones strong is to incorporate weight bearing exercise- activities that make you move against gravity while staying upright and muscle strengthening exercises- activities that require moving weight against gravity, into your FitGirl life. Jane Fonda leg lifts need not apply…in order to get the bone strengthening benefits of exercise you are going to have to jump around and throw some weights around.

Skip The After Party. Two controllable osteoporosis risk factors that can have a tremendous affect are the amount of cocktails you sip and the amount of smoke you inhale. Drinking heavily can lead to bone loss, so limit alcohol to no more than 2 – 3 drinks per day and pass on the urge to puff.

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