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Because racism has reared it’s horrible head, Michael Clarke Duncan cannot rest in peace.

A family rep says the late actor’s tomb has been desecrated and a vandalism report has been filed with authorities.

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

We’re told a family friend stopped by Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills to deliver flowers to the spot where MCD was interred in Sept. 2012, when she noticed a figure of a cartoonish black face had been attached to the center of MCD’s tomb.

The friend believes the black face is an image of “Sambo” — a character that has long been considered an offensive and racist depiction of a black person.

MCD’s friends and family were shocked by the discovery — wondering what kind of lowlife would desecrate Michael’s final resting spot.

We’re told the family contacted the LAPD — and were told the incident could be considered a hate crime. Cops are currently investigating the situation.

The family says that Forest Lawn immediately removed the “Sambo” from MCD’s tomb — but they won’t be satisfied until they find out who violated the tomb.

Michael Clarke Duncan died in September, 2012 from heart failure.