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Love her or not, anyone who saw Mariah Carey on “Good Morning America” today has to admit that she was a boiling hot mess — from her complaining about the early hour, to her near wardrobe malfunction, to her sad attempt at one of her vintage “high-pitched” runs that was neither high, nor pitched.

Carey began her launch of GMA’s “Summer Concert Series” in Central Park by telling host Lara Spencer that she’s “never up at this hour.” Clad in a tight gold Versace gown, Mariah then blurted out, “Oh shoot, now the back of my dress just popped.”

She went on to call out the dress’s designer Donatella Versace, saying. “I love you, Donatella, but it popped, darling.”

Spencer attempted to continue the interview while handlers rushed to her aid. She held her note cards in front of Mariah’s bosom as Carey continued to ramble. “I just wanted to change the ensemble, you know,” the mother of two said. “What should we call this, the Central Park Saga? It seems like a YouTube moment, possibly a Spotify moment!”

After Lara mercifully threw to a commercial break, the show returned with Mariah stationary in front of the mic, like her “American Idol” performance last week, singing “We Belong Together.”

Then later, dressed in a pink dress and struggling to get into position for her performance of her new single “#Beautiful,” she cursed on live TV.

“Oh s–t!,” she was heard saying off camera. She followed seconds later with, “You didn’t hear that.”

Meanwhile, Miguel, who is featured on “#Beautiful,” appeared annoyed with the confusion when a camera caught him off stage reacting to a wrong cue to take the stage.

At the end of this, Mariah told the crowd: “Thank you for waking up with me this morning. Sort of.”

Watch it all happen below.