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Famed choreographer Wade Robson has stirred up controversy with allegations that Michael Jackson sexually abused him from the time he was seven until he was fourteen years old. Although many are skeptical about Robson’s claims, Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, says Wade Robson is getting paid to make these allegations against his deceased son.

TMZ cameras caught up with Joe Jackson as he was leaving the airport in Los Angeles. They immediately began asking for his opinion on the latest claims hurled at Michael Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson clan dismissed Wade Robson as a person looking for money and doing anything he can to get it. Jackson also says Michael Jackson was very generous to Robson when he was younger.

Despite Wade Robson being the face of the new sex abuse allegations, Joe Jackson believes there is a group of people behind Robson conspiring to destroy Michael Jackson’s legacy. TMZ’s cameramen tried to insinuate the concert promotion company AEG Live was behind the whole thing. Joe Jackson didn’t confirm or deny, but he seemed like he would be looking into that in the future.

Joe Jackson Believes Abuse Charges Against Michael Jackson Are A Conspiracy [VIDEO] was originally published on

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