Before they became embroiled in one of the most unfortunate feuds in hip-hop history, the late Christopher Wallace and Tupac Amaru Shakur were friends. While the two MCs, who eventually lost their lives to gun violence, never released an official song together, a recorded freestyle from a show in 1993 is as well known as any of their songs.

The clip often begins (depending on who is spinning it) with Biggie Smalls chanting “Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at?” before going into the now famous lines from “Come On” where he runs down his personal arsenal:  ”I got seven Mack Elevens, about got eight 38s, nine 9s, ten mack 10s, the sh*ts never end/you can’t touch my riches/ even if you had MC Hammer and them .357 b*tches…”

What many listeners don’t know is where the session was recorded and who else was actually there. The freestyle took place during a Budweiser Superfest show at Madison Square Garden in 1993. The Notorious B.I.G. is joined on the track by not just Tupac, but by Big Daddy Kane, Scoob Lover and Shyheim The Rugged Child.  In fact, Biggie and Tupac were guests of Kane at HIS show.

In this part of our interview with Big Daddy Kane and his group Las Supper (their album “Back To The Future” is in stores now! Buy it!) the hip-hop legend tells us twenty years later how this moment all came together.

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