Roland Martin talks with Bishop Douglas Miles, co-chair of the BUILD organization and co-founding member about the historic $1 billion investment in Baltimore’s schools.

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One thought on “Bishop Miles: It’s Been 40 Years Since A School Has Been Built in B-More

  1. Debbie on said:

    My mom left New York in 1973 to come to Baltimore for a better life. Boy was that a mistake!!! The school system here is HORRIBLE!!! The Maryland State Lottery came into effect in 1975 and that money was supposed to be used for the school system. That money has been used to build Harbor Place, Camden Yards, and Ravens Stadium, not a damn dime went to the school system because black kids are in the city school system. They have had numerous School Superintendents who have stolen money from the school system. I pray to God, this time that does not happen. I hope you can get more info on this program because I would really love to work for them.

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