Tamu Francis (pictured), a third grade Brooklyn teacher at P.S. 191 (pictured below), allegedly egged on another child to pummel a “bully” as he stood before his fellow classmates. Now Francis is reportedly facing a $10,000 fine for instigating the school hallway circus, reports the Daily Mail.

“Well that’s what you get,” is what Francis allegedly told the menacing child who was crying after the alleged victim had beaten him up.

Initially, the Board of Education sought to can Francis last year when the incident originally occurred,  but after examining her spotless 13-year record as a teacher, they made the decision to fine her instead.

According to reports, Francis made the victim attack his assailant, after she saw the bully on top of the other child during a brawl on the school’s corridor floor. Once Francis reportedly pulled the children apart, she allegedly made her “serves you right” speech before instructing the victim to fight back.


Francis was also supposedly overheard uttering to one of her students, “When you act like a dog, you get treated like a dog,” said Lisa Brogan, the arbitrator who presided over Francis’ termination hearing.

Francis denied all of the allegations against her, saying that she was merely guilty of teaching the bully a lesson. The teaching veteran defended her actions by alleging that when she said, “How would you like it if [he] was to hit you back?” the victim took her words literally and began throwing punches out of the blue.  Francis claims that she did not have a chance to protect the bully.

Brogan, however, did not believe Francis because of her failure to report the violence to her superiors.

The behavior is extremely disturbing…. At best, it was a horribly misguided  attempt to teach a lesson about bullying,’ Brogan wrote. “She [Francis] exhibited extremely poor judgment and made an enormous blunder by trying to mete out a certain brand of justice for the class bully.”


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3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Teacher Fined $10K For Making Third Grader Hit Bully Back

  1. Actually that was the perfect discipline for that bully. That would definitely teach him not to do it again. On the other hand, I do understand why the teacher should be reprimanded. She is not suppose to uphold violence. She should have been a mediator (blah blah blah) That would have been the ethical and moral way to rectify the situation….but that fine is a bit ridiculously. I would say 1 day suspension would have been justifiable.

    But still I am on definitely on the teachers side with this one

  2. Betty on said:

    These school systems and the government is setting our black kids up for the new jails. It’s all about money! I would like to see a bully knock the hell out of a principal!

  3. I agree with the teacher….these bullys will never stop until something is done to them…then they’ll know what it feels like.

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