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Tamar Braxton is living proof that people eventually get exactly what they want if they believe in themselves and never stop trying.  These days she’s as famous as she always wanted to be. The star of two reality shows “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar and Vince” is pregnant with her first child, by husband Vince Herbert and releasing her CD “Love and War,” in September right when the second season of her second reality show “Tamar and Vince” comes out. Her single “The One” is available now.

Braxton says she’s grateful to her mother, Evelyn, who moved into the couple’s home to help Tamar prepare for the birth. She says her hormones have been “all over the place” and that she cries over everything these days. “I’ve never been this sensitive,” she told The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Tamar’s baby is due in June, but whether it’s a boy or a girl, she’s not telling.

“A Tamar, Jr. would be great,” Braxton said. When asked if she might be carrying twins, Braxton said, no, not this time. “It would have been great if it was twins, we would have gotten it all out of the way. But I’m happy with what we have.” Braxton confirmed that the couple used in-vitro given Braxton’s difficulty conceiving. But she says things didn’t quite go as planned.

“Vincent and I decided after he got sick that we should, I guess, put away for the future. So we went through in vitro and put some embryos in the freezer. But after that I just got pregnant on my own. We didn’t get a chance to use what we spent all this money for.  And then had the nerve to send me another bill!”

But whether the baby’s birth will be shown on “Tamar and Vince,” is still open for debate.

“I don’t know it really depends on what happens that day. If it’s a lot going on, probably not, but I would like to share it. [Vincent] thinks it should be me, him and the baby in the room. I got way too much family for that. Don’t you know I got four sisters and a mama? You know what you married, boo.”

(Photo: PRPhotos)