Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams is suing his former fiancée Erin Marzouki for a 10-carat $785,000 diamond engagement ring.

The couple got engaged in Houston on Feb. 12, 2011 but Marzouki broke off their engagement in January 2012. Despite their break-up, the Houston native did not return the huge engagement ring.

Well, Williams is not having that! He filed a lawsuit in Houston, asking for the return of the ring.

According to Williams, Marzouki used him for fame and money. Williams claims he paid her credit card off which totaled $108,000- he also cites in court documents that he bought her countless gifts to the tune of $230,000.

The NFL baller approximately spent $1,123,000 on Marzouki throughout their relationship.

His very lucrative NFL contract is worth up to $100 million, with $50 million guaranteed over six years but we are sure that the $785,000 is hitting him where it hurts the most, his heart ego.

Do you think she should return the ring?

(Photo: AP)

24 thoughts on “Mario Williams Sues Ex-Fiancée for $785k Engagement Ring

  1. V Griffin on said:

    That serve him right, black men think their money is to good to give to black women. The minute the make it to the pros. They run to get any color woman beside a black woman. When other nationality (women ) become successful, they don’t marry black men but their own kind. More or less, that’s good for his dumb “a”.

    • truthteller33 on said:

      Really? So what about Heidi Klum? Laura Dern? Kate Walsh? Ahmad Rashad’s billionaire wife? Give me a break. Black women do the same shady stuff…that’s how crap like Basketball Wives becomes a hit.

      Black women need to stop acting like black men are some exclusive right they have and start looking in the mirror. Emasculate a man, overlook the hard working man for the ‘thugs’ and guess what? You wind up alone and embittered. I’m sick of this potshotting at men who don’t want to have to run the gauntlet for some woman who may or may not be worth the trouble. When it comes to women…by and and large the apples on the tree taste the same know matter where they hang, as long as they were cultivated the right way. If you can’t foll

  2. reese on said:

    Brothers WAKE UP!! The celebirty industry will always put europeans in your face, just to recycle the money they gave you back into
    their communities!

    • Natalie on said:

      Excellent point reese! Hopefully they’ll get it one day. I’m hopeful and doubtful at the same time.

  3. tma esq. on said:

    When are people going to learn that an engagement ring is consideration for a promise to marry. It is not a gift. When someone accepts the marriage proposal and the ring, it creates a legally binding contract. If that contract is not fulfilled, (i.e. the marriage does not happen), then the ring must be returned.

    It’s first semester law school contracts class. Well-settled legal concept. Sheesh.

  4. Maureen on said:

    My words for him is not kind. Mario is an idiot, a jackass, a buffoon, a donkey’s rear end a shameless stupid man. These men are so reckless with their money not even knowing if his career will be over next week. I hope his house is paid for and he is debt free.

  5. msvetta on said:

    She was graceful in excepting the the ring, give it back just as graceful… After all she called off the engagement.

  6. Natalie on said:

    According to Williams, Marzouki used him for fame and money… WHAT?!?!? I thought it was just the sistas that were the GOLD DIGGERS! I’m so sick of the Black male rich & famous treating white women like they’re the Holy Grail. No woman, regardless of color wants a broke ass man. They chase $$$ more than us. Bottom line, if he was a regular Joe w/ a regular job, he would’ve been invisible to her. But a Black woman would have been his back bone holding him down like we always do and will continue to do, in spite of the continued lack of support from the brothas. He got what he deserved. These n****s haven’t learned ish from OJ!

    • truthteller33 on said:

      That’s funny because the black women I encounter treat you like you’re brand new if you’re not up to ‘a certain standard’. Stop trying to speak for anyone that isn’t you. Black women will act as trifling and shady and gold dig as much as anyone else.

      The difference is, no one complains about sour grapes they’re acting like they don’t want more…than black women. If it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t say anything. Because that’s what apathy usually sounds like: Silence. But no, loud as usual…cheering for a black mans misfortune because he wasn’t gamed on by one of you. Why dont you say this awful stuff when some ‘sista’ gets over on a black man? Hypocrites

  7. He's an Idiot on said:

    He will get the ring back because the conditions for giving the ring were not met. Now if you find a bag full of gold and the owner is an idiot and willing to hand it out, then I say, go for the gold. Why in the world would he give her a ring like that, an Amex card and then shower more gifts on her? And idiot and his gold.

  8. Serpentine on said:

    Damn Mario!! When will some guys learn? I have a Highlander that needs to be paid off. She saw him coming, but he will get his ring back. In the state of NY, a ring is considered a conditional gift in contemplation of marriage. So when the engagement is broken, there is no marriage and the ring must be returned, no matter who called it off.

  9. dtown on said:

    YES SHE SHOULD RETURN IT!! Leave them white women alone Mario!!! This should be easy for the judge to rule on if this really goes to trial unless there are other details we don’t know about.

    • Vance on said:

      She sells that ring she’s done. No matter what the emotional clueless on this site may think; basic contract law says she has to return the ring. An engagement ring fosters a contract with the intent to marry. No marriage? Ring goes back to the bearer. Regardless of who broke of the engagement.
      selling HIS engagement ring with no marriage means she’s on the hook for 3/4 of a million dollars.

  10. Monette on said:

    She breached the agreement (marriage), so she has to give the ring back. It would be different if he called it off. Never buy someones love and affection.

    • Vance on said:

      Doesn’t matter who broke off the engagement. The ring is given with the intent to marry. No marriage; no ring.

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