Laura Govan

“Basketball Wives LA” star Laura Govan has sparked some controversy with her latest photo shoot.

In the new issue of Black Men’s Magazine, the mother of four and long-time fiancee of NBA star Gilbert Arenas set fire to a wedding dress in a American Apparel leotard and Louboutin pumps.

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She told the magazine she’s aiming to change the perception that married women are better than unwed women.

“I just don’t like the way the public perceives women who aren’t married vs. the way they perceive women that are. People place so much value on having a great wedding instead of having a great relationship; that’s why you see people get married and divorced so quickly. I’ve been with the same man for 12 years, we have four children and we’re happy. Focus on that,” she said.

Govan went on to “re-introduce” herself to the public.

“For me burning the dress in the photo was my way of re-introducing myself; for many people my name is synonymous with “Basketball Wives” and although that’s part of me, it doesn’t define me,” she said. “I just felt like “Let’s start fresh. Hi. My name is Laura Govan, ignore the BS you think you may know and get to know the real me.”

The reality TV star no longer works for VH1, however she’ll be making an appearance on Bravo as a bridesmaid on NeNe Leakes new spin-off show, “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding.”


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2 thoughts on “Laura Govan Protests Marriage By Setting Fire To A Wedding Dress In New Photo Shoot

  1. Tami on said:

    I would think that she has low expectations of the guy she keeps having kid after kid with and that she doesn’t think that she deserves more. To me, it’s skanky, but hey, she’s famous, so …

    I guess that means that we not only have to agree with it, but we all have to start incorporating it into our own lives.

    I am so tired of the foolishness. If it’s what a person wants to do, fine, but don’t try to make it seem like it is right, though.

    I guess next, she’ll get a call telling her how proud someone is of her and that she is a hero. Maybe, a few open letters and tweets about how brave she is from throwing off old ideas and being true to herself.


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