Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Derrica Wilson, the founder and President of the Black and Missing Foundation Inc. about the latest updates on Terrilynn Monette & Alyssiah Wiley. She also discusses the troubling trend of missing black women and what needs to be done across the country to find our missing.

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One thought on “Is There a Serial Kidnapper on the Loose? Plus, Updates on the Missing Terrilynn Monette & Alyssiah Wiley

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    What needs to be done is we need to stop being irresponsible and ignorant in our communities! Children need a nuclear family with both the father and the mother in the house! We need to clean up our communitites, throw the drug dealers out bring the church back in! We need to stop setting ourselves up to be victims and setting our kids up to fail at the game of life! Some things are gonna’ happen no matter what you do, that’s why we need God. But all this having babies and not being married, having several baby mamas and baby daddies and crap like that needs to cease! It’s time we man up and women to stop trying to be the man and play the role God intended them to play in this life.

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