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hello Mr. Joyner:

My name is Tai-yana Spencer and my twin brother, Tyler and I would like to nominate our mother, Vicki White for a Christmas Wish.   we are twenty-one years-old and as far back as we can remember, our mother has been the greatest joy of our lives.  she always encouraged us to follow our dreams, work hard and keep god first.

She has been a single mom since 1992.  During our years of growing up, we watched her work 2 or 3 jobs, just to make sure we had all the things we needed.    Our older sister, Christine tried to help, but she’s only a few years older than we are and she could only do so much.   We would often hear our mom pray at night “lord give me strength.”

Well, Mr. Joyner our mother has seen us through school and now it is her turn.  Last month, she began classes to get a degree in child psychology. It is her hope to help children with difficult backgrounds overcome their issues and succeed.   It is our christmas wish to see that she has a laptop, school supplies and books. We are so proud of our mother and we want the best for her, as she always wanted for us.

Thank You,

Tai-yana Spencer