Sheree Fletcher is telling all the business about season two of “Hollywood Exes.”

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister, the reality show star described it as “fire and ice” saying fans are going to be in for a lot of drama.

“You kinda have to watch to understand what I’m saying, but it gets icy and it gets fiery,” she said.

Sheree rejoins her cast-mates, Andrea Kelly, Nicole Murphy, Mayte Garcia and Jessica Canseco as they manage to make life after divorce work to their benefit.

But there’s a new wife joining the group. Daphne Wayans, the ex wife of Keenan Ivory Wayans is going to add her own bit of zest to the equation, giving the show a different spin.

“Everybody is good. You know we’ve got a great sisterhood. The new addition fits right in and all is well,” Sheree said. “It’s definitely a better season than last season. We felt good about last season, but this season is just … I think it’s going to be really amazing,”

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