Former Marine Romel Smith says he’s paid nearly $30,000 in child support for a child who isn’t his.

Smith, learned that an unnamed 15-year-old girl wasn’t his daughter when she was 4-years-old after his mother prompted him to get a paternity test.

However, despite the child not being his, Ill. law forced him to pay child support for the child because he signed the child’s birth certificate.

In Ill., a birth certificate works as a binding legal document, thus, Smith was responsible to pay for the girl.

Smith has fought his case, even reaching the Supreme Court but to no avail.

Currently, Ill. is working on legislation to change this law. Smith hopes that he can get refunded for what he has paid, telling FOX 26, “I feel like every dime I’ve paid should be refunded to me, with interest and I hope it gets pushed through and I hope it prevents this situation from happening to someone else because like I said, no one deserves this.” (Watch full report above)

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8 thoughts on “Marine Says he Paid $30K in Child Support for Daughter Who Isn`t His (VIDEO)

  1. She knew there was a chance he was not the father. She let him sign the bc because she figured he would be a better provider than the other sperm donor(s). Too bad Mamma wasn’t at the hospital with them before he signed his life away.

    • He is a grown ass man so she didn’t LET him do nothing. That was his choice. I am sure he was doing other people too so he should have used a little common sense and said Hey I’m ot married to this woman so I need to look out for MY best interest and get a DNA test. Nobody should have to tell you that. No different from signing contract that you don’t read thoroughly. It’s on YOU to protect YOU! Should he have expected her to buy the condoms and put it on him as well? Girl get real! Neither of us know what the dynamics of their relationship was but I do know that I will not give anyone control of my future. Grow up people and handle YOUR business!

      • He chose to sign. She let him, instead of being woman enough to say wait. There may be a chance that you are not this child’s father. Let’s make sure first. I doubt he would have signed, no questions asked had he known he wasn’t the only donor. Grown ass man or not, he should have been given the chance to decide whether to take on the responsibility of supporting a child that isn’t his.

  2. Too bad mamma wasn’t at the hospital with him before he signed the birth certificate. Baby mamma knew there was a possibility that he was not the father. She should have insisted on dna testing BEFORE she let him sign his life away. But that would have been too much like right I guess. She let the man she wanted to be the father sign the bc.

  3. Dog the mother for what? They both own this. Men need to wear a condom until they are ready to father a child with a particular woman. I think he should get every dime back too but it’s not her fault. She probably thought it was his too. He should have assume that there are other possiblities. Like they say mama’s baby daddies maybe.

  4. I do not like that the law requires men to continue to pay for children once they find out that the child isn’t theirs. That needs to be changed. It sounds like she owes him 30,000 and needs to set up a payment plan, or have the biological father once found be required to repay him. What’s moral isn’t always legal and what’s legal isn’t always moral. When you sleep around shiggity happens.

  5. OK even though the law said because he signed the birth certificate he is the father BUT if the mother did not TELL him that he could possibly NOT be the father then sue her azz! Im understanding the man signed the paper ‘unknowing’ that the child may not be his…….it is ALWAYS mama s baby daddy s MAYbe…… a mess Im with him 100% but he should have gotten a lawyer when she was 4 when he found out that the child was NOT his even though the state law said he had to keep paying Im sure there is also a law against lying—since the mother knew there was a possibility that he was not the father it was her obligation to tell him that BEFORE he signed that birth certificate—you would think? A MESSSSSSSSS…………

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