White House correspondent April Ryan talks with Dr. Rachel Ross about the never resolved question of “why do men cheat.” Plus, she gives the crew details on the hottest spots for cheating men and a surprising statistic about women cheaters.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Men Cheat? Plus, the Top Spots for Cheaters

  1. cynthia on said:

    i cheated with a man who said he just don’t see himself being faithful ever. he cheated with his wife before he married her. but when the wife knew he cheated with me we ended up talking over drinks and among so many things she admitted she didnt show him any affection. but she didnt show the affection because she knew he was cheating. and the kicker…we ended up getting together too. Yes..i separately slept with him and her.

  2. Men cheat because the wife or girl friend seem to not be in the mood more often, than to not have sex, than to have sex. And when she is in the mood it is used as a trade to get something from you.

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