Facebook has been accused of being the biggest supplier of goods of all kinds via members and businesses that patronize the social media behemoth.

But, the site has taken on a new product that some have been afraid of from the beginning.

An Indian man kidnapped his granddaughter’s newborn child and sold the child to two hospital staff members who sold the child on Facebook to a “businessman in Delhi” according to the report from Canada’s Sun News.

The infant was only a week old and the two sold the child for $15,000 or 800,000 rupees.

Police reported that the grandfather told his granddaughter that the child had died, but she became suspicious when the grandfather exhibited a newfound wealth.  The sale went as far as attracting the businessman to traveling from Delhi to Ludhiana to pick up the baby.

It seems that the grandfather killed two birds with one stone by lining his pockets and making a way to arrange a second marriage by getting rid of the baby his granddaughter had with her estranged husband.

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One thought on “Newborn Baby Sold on Facebook in India

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