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La Toya Jackson‘s new reality show is one big fake!

On the show, Jackson is looking for love but according to sources, La Toya has a boyfriend in reality according to the National Enquirer.

Reportedly, Ms. Jackson did not have enough material to fill up 10 episodes, so she decided to pretend to be looking for a man.

So, who is La Toya’s boyfriend?

Supposedly, her long-time boyfriend is a man named Jeffre Phillips, who is on the reality show as her “business partner.”

Sources claim Phillips is going along with the ruse because he wants the show to be successful.

“Life with La Toya” airs every Saturday on OWN at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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8 thoughts on “La Toya Jackson’s Reality Show is A Fake?

  1. If reality shows were accurate depictions of how people really lived, no one would watch. No one’s everyday life is that interesting. And who in their right mind would think anything about LaToya, from her nose to her hair to this fake ass show is real?

  2. Are you serious? Reality shows are fake? OMG! I thought television was like the internet…

    Also, OWN is a network in the business of making money like all networks. Oprah did not say everyone would like her line up.

    I am so tired of comments about all of the positive AA’s that could be shown. A mixture of entertainment is nice for any race.

    Role models should be the people you surround you and your children with, not celebrities. That’s a parent job, not a network’s.

  3. isn’t this Oprah’s network? What’s up with this Oprah? Surely Oprah is not so hard up for shows that you would parade this low class mess on your network? There are so many talented Black people out there. I don’t understand why Oprah is not developing shows, instead of parading a bunch of mostly “same old soup warmed over.”

    • I do not think Oprah is hard up for shows. I think Latoya’s show is good entertainment. She is not jumping on a table, slapping nor calling a woman disrepectful names. I think the black community is content on seeing themselves seen as ignorant and loud. I hope the Oprah network continues providing entertainment for more educated people.

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