The third and final installment of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ reunion was like a mediocre movie, the trailers were better than the actual show.

I was ready to get the tea on Kenya and Appollo, but there was no tea. The show revealed to us exactly what we saw on the previews and nothing else. Kenya was texting Apollo, and he replied to her texts. There was no sexting. There was a lil sumthin, sumthin when Andy (who is openly gay) said “Apollo, you are hard to resist.” Was that a flirt, Andy?!

Continuing with Kenya, rumor has it that Walter claims Kenya paid him to be her beau in order to secure a spot on the RHOA. She wasn’t a wife, but wanted to at least be in a relationship. I watched season 5, and regarding a relationship with Walter, Kenya appeared delusional. She and Walter never appeared to be a couple. Hell, they didn’t even seem to be friends. I can believe Walter’s claim but an out of work ex Miss USA has got to eat too. She did what she needed to do to secure her spot on the show and I am not mad.

Since Walter never tried to hit it, Kenya questioned his sexuality. I remember Walter saying he likes his women like he likes his rims, 22′s, 24′s, and 26′s. At a self proclaimed 41, Kenya is a bit too mature to make Walter’s nature rise. Never one to be outdone, Kenya had sideways shade for Walter saying, “If his toupee caught on fire, I wouldn’t even spit on his ass.”

Todd, Greg, Peter, and Appollo were there sitting behind and supporting their women. It appeared odd that Kordell wasn’t there sitting behind Porsha, but since the divorce papers have been served we all know why he wasn’t there.

Todd went from working behind the scenes of the show (when they were filming in Africa) to actually appearing on the show in the name of love for his woman, Kandi. According to him, he didn’t want to be on the show.

Poor little Porsha was yip-yapping about how great she and Kordell are doing, how it’s a priority for her to look sexy for her husband, bla, bla, bla. Kordell has filed for divorce so everything she’s thinking is all wrong. Your husband does not love you to the core, he wants a divorce. For whatever reason, Andy asked Porsha to sing a few (mediocre) bars before the guys left the set.

Nene and Cynthia said, “everybody has been through it during their first season. When you come on the show you will go through it.” Nene also stated “you’re not going to get support from the ladies on this show.”

Nene was a bit reserved on this part of the reunion, but as the only remaining original cast member she did say she always knew she’d be the last one standing. She also said they need to find a new housewife to replace someone. My guess is Phaedra or Porsha will be replaced.

What did you guys think of the reunion show?

4 thoughts on “‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 5, Reunion Part 3

  1. Ivonne on said:

    I want to know why they didn’t back track Kenya’s phone to show Apollo’s texts from the time of Anguilla. Did people forget how playfull and comfortable he was with Kenya when he grabbed her by the buttocks into the pool? I believe that moment was a reality check for Phaedra and that she purposely set out to keep her enemy close to be able to tear at her credibility little by little as she did with the dunky booty situation. Kenya was simply played by Phaedra because as an entertainment lawyer Phaedra knows all too well that there are back end fees similar to royalty checks. Kenya you fell into the hands of a Pro simply put. Apollo is fine, too fine for my cup of tea but he is fine and Kenya is super right when she questions how Phaedra and Apollo’s relationship started..seems shady to me from attorney to wife? Why would it be so out of the ball park for anyone to believe that Walter was coating Kenya out of pure interest. Just b’cause no one saw them remotely intimate doesn’t mean Kenya was lying, it just means Walter didn’t feel like being romantic because as he openly admitted he liked his women younger. Walter’s agenda was clear a DAY he promoted his business every chance he could. You could see in their intimate conversations that there was some kind of ground formed between them. Tell me what man would not be attracted to the idea of dating a former Miss USA? I see Walter all too cleary he was rude, obnoxious and unattached and this was mostly due to Miss USA Kenya not spreading her legs to him. In my opinion she threaded lightly with him due to supported rumors of him being a player which as you all saw on live TV he depicted inmoral character too well and this explains Kenya’s frustration and anger of being called a Liar. I can elaborate further..

  2. THe show is called housewives of Atlanta ,, kenya is not married kandi is not married yet, come on,
    really kenya really kandi , The reunion was really not as drama out like that last couple of years,
    I think the women need to be a little more classier like Cynthia then I think things would be better far as being CUT-Throat, and low down and back-stabbing like it first started off..

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