Remaining celibate while in a relationship is difficult. Remaining celibate when your girlfriend is one of the most coveted women in Hollywood is a beast of another kind. Minister Devon Franklin was living that reality when he first began dating his wife actress Meagan Good.

Recently, the couple were apart of a discussion about their faith and how they make their marriage work, a fan sent in a question  where they asked how the two could possibly abstain from sex until they married each other when they are both good looking people. Franklin talked about being upfront with Meagan about being celibate until he got married and how important it was to his faith.

Meagan Good had similar thoughts. She told the crowd she got saved at 19 and tried to justify premarital sex by saying she would feel less bad if the sex just happened with her then partner. Good went on to say she realized she was lying to herself and it was hurting her relationship with God. She concluded her statement by saying once she finally began living right, she was blessed with a man who shared her same values.

Check out the video here. How would you bring up the issue of celibacy with your mate?


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3 thoughts on “Devon Franklin & Meagan Good Discuss Celibacy Before Marriage [VIDEO]

  1. Monicah on said:

    Sooooo, for all those other thousands of thousands of thousands of black women who have a relationship with their God….why are they single.

    And, will ms. good still be into her God when she is divorced. Can we just be real and stop using god for any and everything that is really our personal choice? Please.

    Hell, doesn’t God have other things to do like stop world hunger, protect the vulnerable? Honestly.

  2. I love megan good, she is very talented but, I thought she was already married, There is no such thing as Celibacy, Please young folks remember it is all man made up,, Celibacy is not even in the bible no such thing. just get married and have your kids, that is the way its suppose to be. Why does everybody think celibacy is something that is Right and good,, NO Such thing. it was all created to control you. GOD said be fruitful and Multiple, But marriage first then the kids. This is just another word created by men to control how you are suppose to make your decisions, If that is the case why are all these celebs having kids first then getting married, WHAT is going on,, Please give me a break.( bottom line just go ahead and get married and start your life, and do your thing. stop wasting time on what you should do before you get married. Just do it.

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