Michael Jackson’s nephew, T.J. Jackson, has been granted $9,000 a month to look after the King of Pop’s three children.

Executors for Jackson’s estate requested in February that a judge provide T.J. – who was granted co-guardianship of Prince, Paris and Blanket, along with their grandmother Katherine Jackson in July 2012 – a reasonable monthly income to provide care for the kids.

In a legal declaration obtained by E! News, Katherine, 82, stated ”on average T.J. spends between 60-80 hours per week on matters relating to his role as co-guardian of the children. The amount of time each week he dedicates to his co-guardianship duties, is an impediment to T.J. pursuing his own career and other income-generating activities.”

The former 3T singer, whose father is Tito Jackson, has been sharing custody with Katherine since July when the family matriarch allegedly went missing and hadn’t been in contact with her grandchildren for days.

The change in guardianship came amidst a messy family dispute in which five of Michael’s siblings – Janet, Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie and Tito – claimed Katherine was being misled by the executors of the estate and ill-advised by her manager and lawyer.

3 thoughts on “T.J. Jackson Granted $9,000 Per Month For Michael’s Kids

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  2. He had to make sure that he was going to get some kind of income, he took control and he got that money, that is the only reason why he wanted to get temp custody of those kids, what a shame,
    ITs all about the LOOT!,,, That is the bottom line…

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