Jacque Reid goes “Inside her Story” with Florence McCormack and her son, an openly gay comedian named Sampson about the first time he came out of the closet, how she adjusted and why she decided to support her son despite being a devout member of the Pentecost church.

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2 thoughts on “How to Support Your Gay Child

  1. Please stop pushing this subject down our throats with examples of what people are doing. I am not perfect and as a human I have to repent for actions, attitudes, etc. that fall short of the example that Jesus set, but that is the standard. You always love people, you don’t make fun of them, mistreat them, etc, but you love them in truth. I wouldn’t tell a person that I love that it is okay to do something that I truly believe will harm them. I believe that you listen, if you don’t believe in it, you let them know and then you move on with life as usual, not beating them up physically, or verbally, but I would not allow what I considered wrong to happen in my house. For example, when I was growing up, unmarried couples could not stay at our house in the same bed. Those were my parents rules and they stuck with them. That didn’t mean that they didn’t love the people, or that they were “fornicatorphobes”. Those were there rules. Parents don’t have to change what they believe for children. That’s why they are the parents.

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