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Comic Tracy Morgan is firing back at women’s rights groups following fierce criticism of his shows in Australia and calls to boycott the rest of his tour Down Under.

The comedian suffered a mass walk-out during his performance in Melbourne on April 13, with fans and critics subsequently complaining about the overly sexual references and explicit content.

Women’s rights activists, including Melinda Tankard Reist, who runs female-focused campaign group Collective Shout, branded Morgan’s show sexist and called for fans to boycott the rest of his dates.

On Monday, Morgan took to the stage as planned for his first show at the Regal Theatre in Perth and stood his ground, telling the crowd: “All I’m trying to do is make people laugh… It’s fear. (Tankard Reist) doesn’t understand me… I love her anyway.”

According to, he then aimed a barb at his critics, adding, “Go home and blog some s**t ’cause you ain’t gettin’ any. I don’t give a f**k what you think.”

Morgan is due to perform a second show at the Perth venue on tonight.


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3 thoughts on “Women Stage Mass Walkout of Tracy Morgan Gig in Australia

  1. Good for him !! Its about time some one with balls stand up to Australian Feminist bigots !! 90% of Homeless people are all men ,women live longer then men do and Family courts are Raping Fathers for years so … Where is UN ? Where ? Australia is a Misandry country !! Everybody knows that men are second class citizens down there !! Its a travesty really !!

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