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Bishop TD Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas said in a recent sermon that he is tired of the “Hollywood spirit” overtaking the church.

Bishop Jakes believes that this spirit has led people to stray away from the purpose of church. Instead, people are focused on the size of the church and the popularity of the minister.

According to The Atlanta Daily World, Jakes said “I am so sick of this Hollywood spirit that has overtaken the church.”

Going on to say, “We do not have to have big names to have a big move of God.” Adding,”I got filled up with the Holy Ghost by somebody that didn’t have no name at all.”

The Potter’s House is one of the largest mega churches in the United States. It reportedly has over 30,000 members.



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9 thoughts on “TD Jakes Tired of ‘Hollywood Spirit’ in the Church

  1. Trick Daddy Jakes did not say that. I don’t believe it. It’s a typo I tell ya’! This man has made his fortune off Hollywood. Hell, when he’s in the pulpit, oh shoot scratch that! I meant to say when he’s stage, you can’t tell whether he’s acting or if the spirit really is moving him. HE brought Hollywood into his church. But now that he has more money than he can ever spend, he want’s to try to lead the up and comers away from the very thing that made him literally a Hollywood star. This is too good!

  2. Keystone Bishop on said:

    With sincere thanks to God, I report that the Hollywood-like climate of many churches is not the norm of most of them. Most are filled with people who love God and use their gifts in ways that reveal God’s life-changing power available through Jesus Christ. We need an overall re-commitment to the faith that inspired so many of our ancestors to engage in political debates and social struggles that led to removal of slavery’s chains from their legs, and the dismantling of Jim Crow’s restrictions from our collective progress. Christian systems that don’t contribute to the freedom, liberation, and healing of their adherents and communities are spiritually bankrupt. We need to redefine stardom. False stardom seeks the light it does not possess internally. Authentic stardom radiates light because it possesses light within. Let us decide now to walk in the light and to radiate the light from within! You see, gold cannot give us Christian character; only God’s grace can do that! If we want to be stars in God’s economy, we need to volunteer some time to tutor/mentor neighborhood children, or help people fill out job applications, or express outrage when corporations move jobs out of our neighborhoods, or teach families in the church and outside of it how to tithe and then get out of debt, or show our youth how to handle conflicts peacefully without weapons. Let’s stop embracing style over substance! Let’s start recognizing our gospel artists for inspiring us to pursue Jesus Christ’s agenda in our neighborhoods and for their efforts to raise money for scholarships, spend time in nursing homes, and work to defeat AIDS. When we do this, we can drop gospel competitions that possess a Hollywood-driven thirst for choreography, glitter, and gimmicks. God has already given us the gifts and power to do these things and more. Let’s decide NOW to do them.

  3. He’s good and I don’t mind him having other ventures to support himself and his family. The apostles supported themselves to not be a burden on the people, but the church is extra large, a lot of Hollywood celebrities do go there, etc. I am sure some people do go to see and be seen. He felt it and he said it. That’s good. I would like to hear him speak on how this spirit that has taken over can be overcome. I would also, like for pastors to stand for morality and the Bible and stop being apologetic and politically correct. The Church is not for that. One more thing, can the Church start using the Bible more on Sunday, so that we can hear the word of God and not the word of man, interpretations, and other things that are used to draw a crowd. Jesus said that if He be lifted He would draw all men to Him. Using the Bible shows people who are visiting will know that Christians actually use it and base our faith on the Word of God. I like Pastor Jakes and hopefully the Church will begin a Reformation that will usher multitudes to the real Christ.

  4. WHAT? or in other words ‘did he really say that’…… how can you be a tired of something that you have become a PART of? the average institutionalize church is nothing short of a hollywood red carpet ‘event’…..full of entertainment and SHORT of soul saving……………..

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