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According to Akini Jeffrey, Streetz Morning Grind producer, rapper/actor T.I. along with his wife Tiny called into the radio station Streetz 94.5 to talk with the morning show host Rashan Ali about the “Family Hustle” show on VH1 which premiered Monday night.

The interview was going very well as they discussed scenes from the show. Shortly, it became very apparent that the happy couple’s attention shifted in other directions.

Rashan Ali – Streetz Morning Grind host – asked both of them, “How important is it to you to show the strength of a black family.” T.I. responded right away but Tiny seemed to be a little distracted when it was her turn to respond. Rashan had a feeling that someone else might have been going on based on the awkward silence…… and she asked “What are y’all doing”?

T.I. went on to say “We can’t tell you” and laughed it off.

Listen (below) and judge for yourself.

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