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Chris Paul jokes with the replacement crew about the two Republicans going after Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ray-J’s latest song and more on the TJMS.


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Two republican lawmakers are persisting with their investigation of Jay Z and Beyonce’s vacation trip to Cuba.  They want to see their itinerary, their purchases, and all pictures of Beyonce in a bikini.  So basically these republicans only care about what rich black folks be doing.

The Internet is buzzing over Ray Jay’s new single about Kim Kardashian.  It’s called I Hit It First.  So far no response by Kanye West, but I think Yeezy should just remix the song and make it about Amber Rose.

 Facebook had to apologize for removing pictures of women breastfeeding.  The pictures were on a women’s breastfeeding support group page, and Facebook nipped them.  But I want all you mothers to know that breastfeeding is the most beautiful and natural act between a mother and child.  And if you want to post pictures of yourself breastfeeding then there is a website where no one will judge you and you will be celebrated.  It’s called