NEW YORK (AP) — A man dressed as the Cookie Monster has been accused of shoving a 2-year-old in New York’s Times Square and has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Queens resident Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez was arrested Sunday afternoon. He was arraigned Monday on charges including aggressive begging. He didn’t enter a plea.

A Connecticut family posed for a photo with the man dressed as the “Sesame Street” character. Police say he demanded $2 but the family refused to pay. A criminal complaint says the man shoved the toddler and yelled obscenities at the family.

Quiroz-Lopez has no prior arrests. His lawyer hasn’t returned a message seeking comment.

In December, a performer dressed as a Super Mario Brother was accused of groping a woman in Times Square. His case is pending.

(Photo: AP)

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One thought on “Man Dressed as Cookie Monster Arrested in NY

  1. Lopez wore the wrong costume. He should have dressed up as Oscar the Grouch. The real Cookie Monster is going to sue him for defaming his character and emotional distress. Osvaldo Quiroz Lopez, you’re in trouble. Deep trouble! One lawyer alone ain’t going to be enough to get you off. No, you need a dream team of attorneys like O.J. had. What was you thinking? It is obvious you weren’t. Well now Lopez, you get to pay the piper and for the therapist the toddler will need after you traumatized him.

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