Jimmy McKinney from Indianapolis, IN is today’s “Real Father, Real Men” winner. He was nominated by his wife, Faith.

Dear Tom,

My husband Jimmy works for a restaurant supply company and really knows how to cook. I’ve known him most of my life – he lived on my block and he even had a paper route, we went to the same schools.

We didn’t marry until many years later – when I was a single mom with my son Donovan and my daughter Camille (who has special needs and requires constant care).

I have worked for the postal service for 25 years and he has allowed me to follow my dream of being a motivational speaker. Thanks to his strong support, I travel for speaking engagements and have a book coming out next month.

Jimmy is so giving and devoted to our family. When I donated a kidney to a relative – he was there not only for me during my recovery, but also for my kids.

He is the man I have always dreamed of and we’ll be married 10 years next month. I would like for Jimmy to take a relaxing fishing trip where he can take some time for himself.


Faith McKinney

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