Now that it’s out in the open that his son is gay, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has decided to speak out about the situation as well.

The NBA legend opened up to TMZ about his son (Earvin Johnson III) being gay and the implications that his coming out will have in the black community, in the sports community and in their lives.

The interview is divided into 3 parts …

1) How Magic went to his son around the age of 13 and asked, “Are you gay?” Magic explains why he felt the need to approach his kid and the importance of letting EJ know his whole family loved and supported him.

2) Magic tells us how he feels about some of the hateful reactions to EJ’s coming out on African American blogs and whether he’s bitter, given his unparalleled support of the black community.

3) Magic talks about how his son’s coming out could inspire professional athletes to follow suit. TMZ’s Harvey Levin also asks Magic how, as the owner of the L.A. Dodgers, he would react to a player coming out.

If you some how missed it, here’s the original video of Magic’s son, Earvin Johnson III, and his boyfriend:

Also On Black America Web:

14 thoughts on “Magic Johnson Discusses His Openly Gay Son, the Hate it Brought & More

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  2. Majesti on said:

    IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE, the gay/lesbian act is wrong, just the same as adultery is wrong. You shouldn’t cast anyone out or do any physical harm to them. No one should be ‘cool’ with the ACT of being gay/lesbian or adultery etc


  3. Enlightened One on said:

    I LOVE seeing supportive parents HOLDING IT DOWN in support of their child and PEOPLE!!! For all the homophobes, DON’T HATE!!!

  4. True love is unconditional. He is who he is and that is just how it is. I am so glad that most of us are no longer ignorant of homosexuality and realize there are other concerns that need our attention.

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  6. atl_native on said:

    Keep your head up Magic and EJ. I’m cool with it. You know we as a people need to do better. Actually black men need to do better – most black women are okay. I find that most homophobic men are so because they think gay men look at them – like they look at women. I think those heterosexual men should rethink they way they look at women. So it’s them with the problem not you EJ

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