Two ex-En Vogue members found out they can’t use the name of the group.

It’s been a long legal battle between the four members, but as judge finally ruled that founding members Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis have the exclusive right to use the name “En Vogue” while performing and touring. That leaves former groupmates Maxine Jones and Dawn Robinson out in the cold, reports TMZ.

Here’s what happened- Cindy and Terry sued Maxine and Dawn for the name plus $1 MILLION in damages back in 2012. They claimed M & D were illegally touring under the “EV” name after the band broke up … but had no right, since C&T owned the LLC.

The judge recently sided with Cindy and Terry — giving them the name — but said the duo failed to prove damages, and were awarded no money.

Don’t be surprised to see Maxine and Dawn use the words “formerly of En Vogue.”

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