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A relationship can be lethal to a person’s brain when they become obsessed with their mate.  They begin to stalk, threaten, humiliate, and may even turn to psychics and mystics who unwittingly assist them with their insanity.

Raymond E. Bradshaw, Jr., 65, of Washington, D.C., turned to voodoo for help with keeping his wife.  But, when it didn’t work out, he shifted his voodoo requests to kill his wife.

Cheryl McLaughin told the Washington Post, that once in summer 2012, she came home to a candle-lit home with pieces of paper under each candle that read: ““make her stay” or “make her love me.”  A wack job, right?  But that didn’t work for him, so he just went gangster and said forget this voodoo and asked his nephew to shoot her.

Cheryl McLaughlin was saved because Bradshaw’s nephew took his uncle’s offer to his mother instead of acting on it.

Tuesday, Bradshaw was sentenced to four years in prison for one felony count of solicitation of murder.  But, when he came into the courtroom on a cane, he said:

“Cheryl and I are a thing of the past,” he said. “I accept that, and I have moved on.”

Well, that’s like a bone, some candles, and a day late.  Of course you’ve moved on now that you’re being shuffled off to the prison yard.  Luckily, the judge saw the need for this guy to receive psychiatric evaluation and help, so he was also ordered by D.C. Superior Court Judge Heidi Pasichow to undergo mental health treatment and domestic-violence counseling while jailed.