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Zane is at it again. The author turned publisher turned TV producer is back with “Zane’s “The Jump Off,” a follow up to her popular Cinemax series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles.” This time, the show is told from the man’s perspective as five 30-something fraternity brothers navigate life, love and careers. Of course, it’s Cinemax, so things are bound to get steamy. Some of the stars of “Sex Chronicles” have carried over, specifically Amin Joseph, the tall, dark and handsome brother who played Tarik on “Sex Chronicles.” This time he’s NFL quarterback Dmitri Vance, owner of a club called, what else, The Jump Off. Damien Raven of “Sex Chronicles” is one of Vance’s BFF’s. Cue the drama as wives, mistresses, stalkers and girlfriends are all part of the mix in the 13 episode season.

“Zane’s The Jump Off” premieres Friday March 29th at 11 p.m. On the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Zane talked about her new show and what viewers can expect.

TOM JOYNER: Zane has a new show “The Jump Off premiering on Friday. On Good Friday.

SYBIL: Does the church know about this, Zane? (Laughter)

Tom: The Jump Off! I know this is going to be good.

Sybil: Are you the jump off?

Zane: No, I’m not the jump off.

Tom: Well it does kind of sound like that. When you say Zane’s The Jump Off…

Zane: I never though of it that way.

Tom: That’s why we’re here. (Laughter) So is it good and juicy?

Zane: Yes, it’s good and juicy and I wanted to do something different like with my first show. Something groundbreaking. So this show is about five men of color and their relationships with each other. They’re fraternity brothers. And it’s about their relationship with their women. A couple of them are married, most of them are single. And of course, there are a lot of jump-offs, a lot of women. I wanted to do something that would be a discussion piece for male and female relationships. Everyone that has seen it thus far, I mean I couldn’t even get people to shut up and watch the show. After about five minutes they were so busy trying to discuss what was going on. So I’m excited.

Tom: Wait a minute, Zane, hold up. Because the last show, what was the name of it?

Zane: Zane’s Sex Chronicles.

Tom: After that show, there was no talking going on between couples. You just went on and got down. Now you got a show where there’s some discussion after the show instead of getting down?

Zane: There’s a lot of that, too. Very beautifully done, I might add.

Tom: I’m talking about couples that watch the show. But after they watch the show –

Zane: That will happen, too. There’s one married couple in there that I really created as what I believe is the epitome of what a happily married couple should be. Even with children, they have a lot of spice in their life. A lot of wives are going to be in trouble because their husbands are going to be expecting a bunch of stuff when they get home from work, so we’ll see.

Tom: Oh, it’s teaching, huh? Teaching women how to keep their man.

Zane: Yeah and it also talks about how men and women view relationships differently as far as like, one guy, he’s a professional football player, he has a woman he’s seeing and he’s very clear to her that they’re just friends with benefits. But of course, as always the woman starts developing feelings and stuff. The whole p9int is should she be the one to walk away or should he be the one to walk away knowing that she has feelings that he doesn’t have. So it’s a lot of things that take place on the show. Black men and fatherhood – there’s a lot on the show. So I’m very excited about it.

Sybil: What’s the best tip that you when you do your shows, what’s the best tip of women when you do your shows as far as women and jump offs and stuff like that? What’s the best thing we can walk away with?

Zane: Well, I hope it will help women understand the way men think. I know I’m not a man and I wrote the script, but I think it will open up their eyes. Even men who’ve seen the show have gravitated toward one male character. All the men are different. One is a financial advisor, one is the host of a nationally syndicated radio show –

Tom: Say what? A syndicated show?

Zane: Yes. It’s called “The Other Side of the Pillow.”

Sybil: The cool side.

Zane: I named it that because men and women have different outlooks. A lot of the things that I’m trying to get across come through that radio show.

J. Anthony Brown: What’s the best way to drop off a jump off? (Laughter)

Zane: Well, one of the guys on the show had to go to drastic measures. I’ll put it that way.

J. Anthony Brown: I’ll have to see this.

Zane: It took him a minute to get rid of his.


Sybil: As a jump off, those recognizing themselves, is it going to be easy for us to recognize ourselves? Because a lot of us have been.

Zane: There are different kinds on there. The reason it’s called “The Jump Off” is because the main character Dmitri Vance, played by Amin Joseph, is a professional football player and that’s his football moniker because he’s known for jumping over the defensive end of the opposing team into the end zone. But he also owns a nightclub called The Jump Off which is where a lot of the different things take place. And there’s another man who’s separated from his wife and he, of course, is sleeping with other women, but he expects her not to even blink at another man. You know, the typical.

Tom:  So like Zane’s Chronicles, is it going to come on late? Like in the soft porn hour?

Zane: We have a set time that it’s coming on. We will be coming on after movies but their pacing the movies that we always come on at 11 p.m. every Friday.

Sybil: 11 Eastern.

Tom: Yeah. Zane.

Sybil: I never thought I would say I look forward to “The Jump Off.”

J. Anthony Brown: Watch it with your jump off.

Zane: Watch it with your jump off or your wife.

Sybil: That could lead to a whole ‘nother type of show.

J. Anthony Brown: Watch it with your wife and text your jumpoff. I like that!


WARNING: Video includes sexual references/situations

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