According to WJXT in Jacksonville, FL, 54-year-old Mark “Super” Duper, an ex NFL wide receiver for the  Miami Dolphins got arrested Wednesday, for allegedly punching and abusing a teenage boy when the boy refused to pick up his hat off the floor. The alleged victim was at the man’s home playing video games at the time.

The  arrest report says, “Duper punched the teen, threw him to the ground and choked him. Police were told another man pulled Duper off the boy.”

The three time Pro Bowler, was charged with child abuse and booked into the Duval County Jail.

Wow! There are so many blanks to fill in with this story! No adult enjoys a smart mouth kid, but c’mon! Even if that was your own kid that is going way too far. The fact that it was not even his own child though, is just wild. Has he never heard the phrase, “Get out of my house, now!” We’re pretty sure that would have been plenty!

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2 thoughts on “Ex-NFL Player Mark Duper Arrested For Child Abuse!

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  2. Unless Mark is a mentor, what the blank, blank was a teenager doing at his house playing video games in the first place? Doesn’t teenager have any video games at his own house? Now teenager in the company of two grown-ups, hmmm…..something is fishy here.

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