Kim Zolciak has no problem speaking her mind.

The reality show star told the press that she believes her now new enemy, Kandi Burruss, filed the lawsuit to gain publicity to eventually win her a spin-off show.

In the meantime, Kim’s attorney says Kandi’s complaint isn’t even legit because allegedly, Kim paid her more than $23,000 in royalties.

“Two days before the reunion show is taped, the lawsuit lands on Kim’s desk. Awfully suspicious timing,” says Kim’s rep Mike Paul

The attorney also says Kandi has been way too focused on the next opportunity to remain in the spotlight that she lost sight of reality.

“Maybe focusing on her next 15 minutes of fame should not have been the priority for Kandi versus three and a half years after the song was released. Kandi realizes she handled all aspects of the song in a very sloppy and messy way. We understand it is not the first time either. As Kandi is also a music industry veteran, it is also a shame.”

(Photo: PRPhotos)

3 thoughts on “Kim Zolciak: Kandi Burruss Lawsuit is All About Publicity

  1. Really 15 minutes of fame in case you did not know Kandi is pre-housewives kIm is a user she milks anyone in her path that allows it and then she opens her mouth and we all know the truth is not in her she a natural born liar and that is the only thing natural about her.

  2. redbone1954 on said:

    What’s a shame is that Kim thought she could just steal Kandi’s help and not pay her for it. The tired song the tired show is classic Kim trying to profit off someone else like her poor dupped husband! I did not watch her last tired show and I will not watch this mess! She and her slave sweetie and her over involved kids really she need to go away and raise her 2 babies and maybe get a clue! Kandi don’t need 15 minutes of fame she already has had them and she is a super smart business woman I admire her hustle!

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