The Face” contestant Devyn put a stamp on shame in the modeling industry for Black women when she told Wendy Williams, who was a guest judge, that she doesn’t consider herself a Black model.

It was awkward just witnessing the exchange between the Black women in the room with this 21-year-old brown skinned chick.

In an attempt to relate to the girl, Wendy asked her about the level of difficulty being a Black model.

To her surprise, and Naomi’s, she said, “I don’t really consider myself as a Black girl model. I know what my ethnicity is, but I’m fair-skinned and I feel like I have an international look.”

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17 thoughts on “Naomi in Shock After Black Model (Devyn) Says She’s Not a Black Model

  1. Simone Taylor on said:

    Leave Wendy alone. When did small hands and feet qualify a person to be considered a woman. I see a lot of men with small feet. Are they not men?

  2. So many have fallen victim to the negative stereo types, false statistic and propaganda of the past from the white race and therefore they believe blacks are all the ugly things they say about us. It’s sad. I just hope with every new generation they realize just how beautiful and powerful the black race is. Own it black people and know your worth!!!!

  3. msveenie on said:

    Well I hope she gets “international” work to go along with her ‘look’, because whites won’t treat her any different than than the other ‘dark-skinned’ models. People Please, grow some self-esteem!

    • Chris40 on said:

      Tiger’s bi-racial (Black father, mama from Thailand) and Tiger made up a race to describe himself, “Cablinasian.” Personally, I don’t follow golf, I don’t care bout Tiger. I don’t believe in this “One drop rule” I say let Tiger do his own thang and if Tiger gets into mo trouble, the Cablinasian’s will bail him out!!!!!LOL

  4. Hallelujah365 on said:

    Oh please!! Lady get over yourself! We’re speaking of ETHNICITY…not skin color. And just because you are a little cafe au lait, doesn’t make you LESS BLACK (or African-American, if you prefer!)

  5. who in the hell put Wendell williams as a judge, she has nothing to do with modeling and she has no etiquette on how to be a model, Wendell williams is what I Call her/or him wendy does not know how to judge anyone. if she does she does it in a negative way anyway. get rid of wendy please,

  6. sheilby on said:

    ans Wendy Williams looks like a man- face hands feet – i would like to see her pictures when she was a little girl!!

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