In terms of finances, Kevin Hart got off relatively easily in his divorce form ex-wife Torrei Hart.

The comedian, who is worth a reported $9 million, will pay his ex a lump sum of just $175,000, according to TMZ.

She also gets an Escalade and personal items, like jewelry, the website reports.

Kevin does have to pay $19,785 a month in child support for their 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son.

The divorce became final in November, 2011, but Kevin, who is repped by Debra Opri, has just settled the financials.

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27 thoughts on “Kevin Hart to Pay Ex-Wife only $175,000 in Divorce

  1. White women been getting paid for years, now a sister wants to a least take care of the f kids and have a comfortable life for herself and the kids.

  2. Territc on said:

    Who said she’s owned anything? What if she is perfectly capable of earning her own living, has her own money and what if they had a pre-nup? You have no idea what they agreed on or what went on behind closed doors, so we should all just stop going on about he got of lightly or pay her what she is owed. What is she owed? He did the work, he earned the money. Why is there this believe that there must be drama everywhere.

  3. She’s smart. Don’t have to pay taxes on child support. Plus, I’m sure he’s doing more for his kids than just paying child support….I hope!

    • Kardinalac on said:

      My last paycheck was ($)7500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless. This is what I do, Rich4.C0M_

  4. that’s whats wrong with some people. she is a real woman. im sure she was surviving not living off millions before. he takes care of his children. she will still live way above average.

  5. Give the Mother what she is owed,she was there when he was Kevin who nad now that he is a baller she is being greedy.Fire your lawyer and get what is owed.Monique pays alimony,it is not just men.Those who supported you broke deserve support when u rich.

    • Nick on said:

      Why the heck does she owe more just because she was with him before he had millions. They weren’t together while he had them and she hadn’t adjusted to life with it therefore she is being paid based on there lifestyle while they were together. SHE isn’t owed anything more than what she’s getting, the kids are and they’re getting what they owe plus some and he’s not a deadbeat.

    • Johnrice on said:

      He doesn’t owe her anything. Greedy women. You divorce and you go your own way, leave a brother’s pocket alone. Gold diggers

  6. Fuck a skank on said:

    That’s why I say the hell with marriage. That’s all 90% of these hoe’s want anyway. To get married to a man with deep pockets and ask for crazy amounts when it is over. Shit is disgusting.

  7. snacks on said:

    Why do people feel as though once people get divorced that the person who earns the most money should give money to the person who doesn’t make as much? I believe that Tami said it best that “A divorce is not a financial rape session”.
    What has happened to our society when a comment like Char’s “…who was her attorney? She should sue her attorney, if she had one.” is even thought of as a fair statement.
    People say that “times have changed” and indeed they have. When Alimony was first set up, it was INTENDED to take care of the women who were not able to work or not receive equal pay (see the The Equal Pay Act on June 10th, 1963). With that being said, women are now being EDUCATED at higher rates than men. Women are in more leadership roles with companies than ever before. Most married women who do not work but are able choose not to work especially if their Husbands can carry the financial load, example Kevin Hart, Kordell Stewart, Johnny Carson, Eddie Murphy…too many to name.
    If a husband or wife wants to work then they should make their wishes known before entering into marriage. If someone lands a big promotion or wins the lottery, choosing to quit their jobs is now on them.
    If a working spouse forced the other to QUIT their jobs while MARRIED, then the newly-unemployed spouse should be entitled to an amount similar to what they were earning yearly with a about a 1%-2% annual raises for every year no longer employed while married (MAX).
    Those are just a few of my thoughts. ***My Disclaimer***No disrespect meant nor am I intentionally throwing darts at anyone.

    • I thought a marriage was a partnership. She was with him way before the millions. 20 years ago $1 bought $16.00 worth of goods. In 2013 $1 buys $1.31 worth of goods. She had a very terrible lawyer and he had a very good one.

      Speaking of Fair would’ve been if she had received half plus the $20k child support which will end. This isn’t Greed just common sense.

  8. Maybe they had a prenup, maybe she’s not greedy, maybe she can take care of herself and only needs him to do his part with his children….

  9. Why? Also, Ivanna Trump fought for that money, it wasn’t just handed over. Why do some people assume that every man is a great man, except for the black man? Is his wife complaining?

  10. $175K? A dollar is worth about 30 cents, so take 30% of 175K that is about $52,500 and he is worth quite a bit more than that, who was her attorney? She should sue her attorney, if she had one. We aren’t even talking $175k annually, even so, it’s still comes out to be about $53K annually. Plus he is still making more money, more money, he was just, on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, now we talking “White Folks Bucks”.

    Wasn’t she with him when he wasn’t making $175k annually?

  11. Proof many black men are no gentleman when it comes to divorce. They need tips from Trump and the like. Set her up and move on. He is a true mitch.

  12. Linda on said:

    Child support is for the kids eventhough they’ll never spend a tenth of that monthly. Shoot, she should get a percent every time he says “my ex-wife” on Husbands and she won’t ever have to worry. lol

  13. Debbie on said:

    Not sure why you thought he would have to pay more, she ain’t no white woman sucking up a black man’s money. Had she been white, she would have gotten half!!!

    • Maybe she just decided to take the highway and not break the brother fully down. It’s not like the Sanders’, this couples divorce seems to be amicable. Maybe because she isn’t “white” she decided not to go for the jugular. HMMM! Let bitterness not enter your heart and take root.

  14. In reality his wife didn’t “do bad.” 20,000 a month for child support is more than most parents get. A divorce is not a financial rape session. My husband has custody of his daughter and is still awaiting after 3 years the first 200.00 a month her mom has to pay.

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