The R&B crooner recently sat down with entertainment reporter Kevin Fraser to talk about rumors of a relationship with actor Eddie Murphy, the night Whitney Houston died and more. Watch video below.

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11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Johnny Gill Opens Up About Sexuality, Bobby Brown and More in Exclusive Interview With Kevin Fraser

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  2. I just saw him featured on Unsung and didn’t he said that he was 100% (or was it 1000%) heterosexual? And I know this doesn’t mean anything, but the segment also showed him with his fiance and son.

  3. Moka Blu on said:

    If anyone can’t see that Johnny Gill or Eddie Murphy IS gay then they are totally BLIND! A blind person could see that they are BOTH Gay/Bi. I’m just saying! Gill OBVISOULY is gay and Murphy OBVIOUSLY is bisexual. Their maneurisms speaks for themselves. Come on now! Be for real! These two are fruitier than a fruitcake! I’m just sayin! Of course, I love them both!

  4. He didn’t open up nor did he deny the rumor, he just talked all around it…Johnny looks kinda spaced out when he’s speaking…I would think he would say emphatically that he is not gay and has never been in “sexual” relationship with Eddie Murphy, he said everything but that.

    • Moka Blu on said:

      You’re ABSOLUTELY right! He didn’t deny or acknowledge whether he is gay or not which further let’s me know that he IS! Oh, well—most of all these singers and rappers have dibbled and dabbled with the same sex. They aren’t exempt just because they hold a celebrity status. Some are just woman or man enough to not hide in the closet ie. Da Brat, Queen Latifah, Jodie Foster, etc.

      Others like P-Diddy/Sean Puffy Combs, LL Cool J, Johnny Gill, Eddie Murphy, sports figures and the like are still confused and hidding. I say “confused” because if one weren’t confused then they wouldn’t be hiding or on the downlow. I’m just sayin.

  5. colleen on said:

    No, he said Eddie’s been my brother, my best friend. Those two titles makes it clear that they are not lovers. How does everyone know he’s gay??? Were you in the bedroom with him?

  6. Tré on said:

    “Johnny Gill Opens Up About Sexuality?” He didn’t open up about anything here where his sexuality is concerned. He didn’t even deny the rumor of his sexual relationship with Eddie. All he said is that people are “jealous.” Kinda bitchy, Johnny. lol… The man is gay, and everyone knows that. No big deal. And come on, y’all… Enough with the misleading headlines.

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