Two students at McDade Classical School in Chatham, Ill will receive a $500 scholarship from a controversial donor, a liquor store.

Happy Liquors is rewarding two students who score the highest in their math and science exams.

However, parents are concerned that receiving a scholarship from a liquor store might send the wrong message. (Watch the full report above)

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Liquor Store Gives Out Scholarhips, Parents Unhappy

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  2. Serpentine on said:

    Good for them. Helping a less fortunate kids further their education, and if some parents believe this is sending the wrong message, they need to rethink their way of thinking. It’s for education, not a lifetime of free liquor. Get a grip!

  3. SM.March 21 20013 at 7:01am Well i think all store’s should give Scholarship to all students that do well in school that will be sending a good message.

    • That’s the attitude that makes people with money, not want to give. It comes off with an attitude of someone owing you something. People are in business to make money, they give from their hearts, and we are all obligated by God to give to the needy, help the widow, etc. As far as the parents who don’t want their money, fine. It can go to the ones who understand that sometimes grown people drink, smoke, etc.

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