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Last night, D.L. Hughley premiered his dance moves on national TV with Cheryl Burke. Unfortunately, the funnyman did not impress, receiving a poor score of 12 out of 30 for his Cha-Cha. Maybe he would have done better with a Cha-Cha Slide.

On a brighter note, NFL baller Jacoby Jones did represent for us last night with his partner Karina Smirnoff. (Watch Below) Zendaya Coleman also represented for us, landing the highest points of all contestants.

‘Dancing With the Stars’: A Look at Who’s Represented
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There’s still time, go on-line and vote for the TJMS’ D.L. Hughley!

7 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: D.L. Hughley Flops on ‘DWTS’

  1. I have never seen a full episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” so I have no idea what is expected. After watching this clip, it seems as though D.L. Hughley did a good job. What do I know? Back in the day, I used to get down on the dance floor, but now I cannot do the “Wobble” nor know how to do the “Doogie”. Ask me to Foxtrot or Cha-Cha, and I might just pass out.
    If you ask me, D.L. was pretty good, but whatever you do, do not ask me to do any of those dances, as I can imagine that it is not easy. It seems as though it takes practice, practice and more practice.
    If you are a staunch Democrat, do as the Republicans do, and stick together no matter how bad you think something is. VOTE FOR DL HUGHLEY!!!!!!!!

  2. Len said “If any dance was going to suit you its gotta be the Cha Cha Cha”. What does that mean? How exactly does one know what dance will suit a dancer before they have tried it? Since he seems to be having trouble with the speed (it was almost comical but I am proud of him for doing it lmbo), why shouldn’t anyone think that a slow waltz would suit him better?

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