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How bad can it get? A parent took her children to a McDonald’s in a Chicago area and one of them found a condom in their play palace and ate it, so she is suing the restaurant.

Anishi Spencer and her sons were eating in the play area, and her two-year-old found a condom and proceeded to eat it, according to Gawker. How did the mom know? Because the child coughed it up. She took her son to the hospital afterward.

She is suing because McDonald’s failed to keep “hazardous materials from areas open to children … as well as failing to use surveillance or inspection to detect “deviant activities”… at its restaurants.” Spencer is suing for $50,000 for negligence and medical expenses.

What do you guys think? Does she deserve to win the lawsuit?

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3 thoughts on “Toddler Ate Condom Found At McDonald’s

  1. Serpentine on said:

    I’m going to have to side with the parent on this one. A two-year old probably thought it was a balloon, as nasty as that sounds and is, it’s a 2yo. Sure, you can tell them not to put stuff in their mouths, but at that age, some toddlers haven’t grasped that concept yet. McDonald’s is at fault and negligent for this and should pay the piper. Their nasty and it’s their responsibility to do a clean sweep of their store and play areas, and they failed to ensure a safe and clean environment for their patrons. It’s a good thing that child didn’t choke and die. I’d also make sure the 2yo got tested. Who knows what remnants remained inside. Nasty but true.

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