Kenya Moore knows how to get people talking. This week she released her music video to her song “Gone with the Wind Fabulous”, where in it she wastes no time to poke fun at her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mates including her nemesis Porsha Stewart and her booty-video foe Phaedra Parks.

Take a look at the video above and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

46 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Releases ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous’ Music Video (WATCH)

  1. sherry on said:

    Can they either REMOVE Kenya or just DROP the show altogether, she makes this show NOT worth watching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All Jokes aside, will someone please get Kenya some help. An intervention is needed, A.S.A.P. For someone to stoop to this to make a point, they have lost all sense of reality!

  3. Aunty Aaaaaa on said:

    For peace sake leave the church out of it. Abomination, taste-less. Religion has enough problens of it’s own.

  4. Zerkeise on said:

    On the show, Kenya made references to “being Miss USA”, black history, paving the way for young black girls, role model ?….hhhmmmm…can we take the crown back…obviously she was “dopping” back in ’93…was the perscription changed?

    • Southerngyrl on said:

      what a waste of time, i cant get that 5 minutes back. She is a role model… for the crazy & dilusional. That is why she has to beg for a man to marry her and have his baby, sick sick sick

  5. Stephanie on said:

    I think the video was horribleand the song sucked. A real lady does not have to stoop to that level to prove your point. The proof would be in the pudding. The fact that she was signing her name Keyonce….really? But the most disturbing part was the church scene. She needs help!!!! Seriously.

  6. Eve Bennett on said:

    Poor Kenya…you need to let it GO. Stop wanting to be the center of attention and stop being jealous of Porsha. Your time will come but you are making enemies along the way and that is not cool. Be happy for people, but most of all get to know yourself and who you are. I beleive you can be a nice person, but draw the claws in.

  7. S. Monkou on said:

    Phaedra had it coming after her comment in Vegas to Kenya. I feel bad for Porsha though. Kenya has some major balls. I ain’t mad at her.

  8. Robert on said:

    I think this was funny and creative and the haters who said negative things I’m sure you spent your time no far less important things. One of them is leaving a comment.

  9. Tricia Field on said:

    Give the sista her props! Using the kids in the video was a good idea- esteem builder- this will probably make Kenya a nice piece of change! Go Kenya! Your business mind is FABULOUS!

  10. Reggie on said:

    That is the worst shit I’ve ever seen, Kenya find something else to do. Why did you not think that guy you was dating did not want to merry you?

  11. Lynnette Thomas on said:

    Now you know the reason why black folks just can’t get along. The more you stir up S*** upthe shitthe MOORE it stinks. Thanks Kenya you set us back a few decades…

  12. Ralph Jackson (Arlington, TX) on said:

    This is the most juvenile video I’ve ever seen (no disrespect to juveniles) and I feel sorry for the participants. Kenya has a beautiful body, but she does need help. Is she serious?

  13. Basiyma on said:

    Kenya gave it to Porscia, Phaedra , and Walter all in one video. She isn’t my favorite housewife but I love the shade she threw.

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