In the battle of the booties – Donkey Booty or Stallion Booty — I’m declaring Kenya Moore’s Stallion Booty as my personal favorite.

And c’mon, who really wants to be associated with a donkey booty anyway?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a fierce booty competition going on with two cast members of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Moore, the shapely former Miss USA, released her much-hyped work out DVD March 5 ahead of her reality television rival, Phaedra Parks, who claims Moore stole her workout video idea and ran down the road with it.

Maybe she did.

In a recent press release, Moore says her “total-body sculpting workout” is called “Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp.” It was reportedly originally titled: “Stallion Booty.”

And while Moore is hoping for fast sales, Parks’ workout video, “Donkey Booty”, hasn’t been released yet and, frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if Parks is having trouble getting her video on the shelves.

I must say the “Donkey Booty” concept is puzzling. Let’s start with the definition of “Donkey.”

don•key –

  • the domestic ass
  •  a stupid or obstinate person

Just so I’m clear, and I want to get this right, Phaedra Parks wants women to pay good money to proudly associate themselves with a stubborn, rough-looking working animal that’s used mostly to haul supplies?

Donkeys are known for their obstinate behavior, quick tempers and unpredictable attitudes.

How is this attractive? I don’t get it?

And what makes Phaedra think that a donkey booty is appealing to women?

From a personal perspective, I’m not drawn to a woman with a booty that in any way resembles a donkey’s behind.

But Kenya Moore seems like a woman who knows how to stay in shape. Her video offers “three 20-minute workouts that will sculpt your lower body, shrink your waistline, flatten and define your abs, and, most importantly, lift and firm your backside.”

“I’ve had a passion for fitness since I was twelve years old while working out to an aerobics television show several times a week,” Moore said in the press release.

“Since then, fitness and staying active have been a huge part of my life,” she added.  “Whether I was competing in Miss USA or trying out for a new acting role, it’s always been important to me to look and feel good and staying red carpet-ready. I’m excited to share my fitness plan with the Booty Boot Camp workout so that everyone can be Gone With The Wind Fabulous!”

The video sells for $16.99.

In the continuing feud over who has the better booty, Parks called Moore a “bootlegger,” but admitted that Moore’s video was first out of the gate even though Parks started her project before Moore.

“I haven’t seen it,” Parks said of Moore’s video. “But there’s enough room for everyone.”

Parks insists that her workout video will be released soon and will focus on women in general and women who are pregnant. “Eating healthy, drinking water and exercising,” Parks told The Huffington Post.

“When you look good,” Parks said, “you feel good.”

As a casual observer of the ongoing booty competition, I’m going with Kenya Moore and her well-toned “Stallion” booty. Why? Because Moore is in great physical shape and her workout video proves that she would obviously win the battle of the booty over Parks and, possibly, anyone else who dared to enter the race.

Take a sneak peek at both videos below.

C’mon ladies, fess up: Do you favor a Donkey Booty or a Stallion Booty? Inquiring brothers want to know.

Donkey Booty trailer:

Booty Boot Camp/Stallion Booty on “Anderson”:

Also On Black America Web:

28 thoughts on “It’s on Ladies: Donkey Booty or Stallion Booty?

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  2. Buttons on said:

    Two words: Pure Ignorance. Post tramautic slave disorder is alive and well. How in the hell did we stoop so low that b.s. like the size of someone’s ass becomes a conversation peice?? This is some ridiculous sh*t.

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  4. MsMerricka on said:

    the term “donkey booty” actually is the origination for the term “donk”, which is commonly used amongst blacks to describe a particularly attractive booty…that being said, i vote for phaedra.

  5. Not an easy task. Who cares about Donkey or Stallion?! Who has the better workout video? I’m torn between the two; both videos appear to have good things about them. Kenya has a better body and Phaedra’s is okay but Kenya’s distasteful way of taking the idea shows bad character but Phaedra not wanting to pay is also bad. I’m disappointed in both, so if I have to choose, I’ll choose the person that is easier on the eyes. Kenya, you win.

  6. prayalways on said:

    Miles, I believe your facts are not correct when it comes to Phaedra not releasing her video. It has already been released and reportedly was doing very well. You can purchase it on for certain.

  7. Alvin on said:

    I don’t care what kinda booty it is as long as it’s not loaded with cellulite..(Repost with better understanding)

  8. Tasha on said:

    Kenya bought her butt. How can you claim I got this from exercise, when it was never that size & butt implants/injections/fat placement is exactly what it is. When she wore that bikini to Nene’s function…the proof was caught on camera. No thanks!!!

  9. I like the class Phadera shows on the show and to tell you the truth I think Kenya is alittle cra, cra. She shows no class and I will be buying the Donkey Booty video.

  10. mrsdavis on said:

    Sorry, hit send before editing on last post.
    Come on now! Donkeys are so much softer and rounder. More “cushion for the pushin” as my husband would say. Stallions are too hard and too high. I have not seen either video, but this article does seemed slanted toward hard and high.

  11. mrsdavis on said:

    Come on now! Donkey is so much softer and rounder. More cushion for the push and my husband would say. Stallion to hard and too high. Have not seen either video. This article does seemed slanted toward hard and high.

  12. Lynn on said:

    I choose Phadera and Apollo’s video it’s one I wouldn’t be ashamed to workout out with grand-daughters, After all as women of standards we have to watch what we are putting before our children.

  13. Austin on said:

    Who are these biased people that are Black America Web picks to write articles for this site??? Did Kenya pay you to write this terrible, one sided article? You admittedly haven”t even seen Phaedra’s video. And on top of that you have misinformation in some of the things you say. When Phaedra’s video actually comes out can we have a REAL review and comparison of the videos?

  14. This article is just one person’s opinion and is also incorrect on the facts. Phaedra & Apollo exercise video came out a while ago called Phine Body and has been selling out on Amazon, in fact, they are releasing a second workout video. Kenya was the one having a hard time getting hers out. Also, Phaedra does not have a bad body, she has a real body of one who has had a child, something Kenya wouldn’t know about. Also, the verdict is still out as to whether Kenya’s butt is real. Lastly, have you seen Phadra’s husband Apollo who is also on the workout video? Enough said!

    • demp109 on said:

      totally agree Sharon, I saw Miss Phaedra’s video on Amazon a couple of weeks ago! I don’t think I’ll be paying much attention to the writer of the article!

    • redbone1954 on said:

      Thank you so much for putting this ignorant person who wrote this article straight.Phadera’s video is already OUT you idiot. To the person who wrote the article you need to get your one sided facts straight before you make a stupid judgement call on who;s video is the best. And I am with Mrs Phadera I think Kenya has some mental issues!!!!! IMO

  15. I don’t watch TV much so I’ve never heard of these two ladies or their fight over booty’s. Can’t wait to see their excersize videos though. They are both very beautiful double dipped in chocolate Queens. I wish them both the best of luck

  16. Pamela Simpson on said:

    I know many people are fans of Phaedra but come on she does not have a nice body. She looks like a fire hydrant and is rarely seen without spanks.

  17. cynthia phillips on said:

    Identifying a woman only by her body parts turns her into nothing more then a sexual animal. If you look at what well off black men are marrying-it not booties! So ladies, change the focus and elevate your standards…maybe then you too can marry a well off black men.

  18. Margaret on said:

    Donkeys are known for their obstinate behavior, quick tempers and unpredictable altitudes….Domestic ass, stubborn rough looking skin, not attractive at all…..This sounds just like Miss USA Kenya Moore !!!

  19. Delores on said:

    I like the view of both exercise video and if I to choose one to purchase, I chose Phadera and Apollo’s but knowing myself I will end of purchasing both dvds…….

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